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BREAKING: Super Eagles’ victory, independence gift to Nigerians, says Buhari

President commends Akwa Ibom govt for supporting team Olalekan Adetayo, Abuja President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday congratulated the Super Eagles on their victory over the Chipolopolo of

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At some point in your life, you're probably going to get caught having sex. But what happens next is completely up to you, and the

When staying in marriage because of the children becomes a ‘sacrifice’

Elizabeth Badejo It’s Saturday morning again, after working five days a week, you would expect to have a good lie in together with a nice cup

EFCC arrests dismissed solider, accomplice over job scam

By Soni Daniel, Northern Region Editor A dismissed soldier Kabir Adamu and his accomplice, Hashimu Mohammed Zakari, were on Friday taken into custody by the Economic and

Man Distributes Suya Worth N200,000 For Free To Celebrate Buhari's Return. Photos

This is serious. A patriotic Nigerian reportedly distributed Kilishi (a dried form of Suya) worth N200,000 for free to celebrate president Muhammadu Buhari's return. See pictures

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Nigeria vs Zambia 1-0 - (Video)

Watch the football match between Nigeria vs Zambia 1-0, shows  Extended Highlights from the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers on 7 October 2017

The Marriage Test Bucket - (Video)

Watch this hilarious spoof:  The Marriage Scanning Bucket.  Please leave a review below.


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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde: Dangerous Addiction [Episode 14]

We were at a corner table in Southern Sun, Ikoyi. I had been trying to make small talk with the wife of an associate. She was a complete bore and all she wanted to talk about was what kind of books I liked, Derah had been chatting animatedly with a female associate who didn’t come there with a partner.

Was that Ogochukwu’s plan to watch me watch Derah flirt outrageously with other women more beautiful and powerful than me?

I wanted to be anywhere but there, as I smiled at the woman who blew my ears with all manners of uninteresting talk. I felt a hand caress my naked thigh, and I jumped slightly, the associate to my right had his hand rubbing up and down my leg.

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I was about to say something when I caught Ogochukwu’s eye, he was warning me silently. Not to move and not to react, he turned his attention back to the associate he was talking to and the hand crept up ever so slowly. I glanced at Derah he was laughing but when he turned to me the laughter clearly didn’t reach his eyes. The hand had parted my panties now and was rubbing my pearl slowly while everyone except Derah remained occupied with their food or their conversations.

My emotions must have played on my face because somehow Derah could tell something was up, I was wet and reacting to this strange disgusting man, I had had enough and I wanted to get out of there.

Derah watched my mounting pleasure and discomfort and Ogochukwu sat there and acted like nothing was happening, I clamped my legs shut and pushed my chair back, the Associate’s hand remained between my legs, I politely returned his hand to him and stood up.

“If you will all excuse me” I said with clenched teeth and a steel smile, I walked away as fast as I could, finding an uber to get the hell out. I breathed in the fresh night air as I slammed in the face when I rushed out. I just started walking, tears threatening to fall again when someone grabbed my arm fiercely and turned me.

“What. The. Hell. Was. That?” Ogochukwu gritted out

Oh, so this he gets mad at, I pulled my arm from his grasp which almost cost me the arm. I winced as I rubbed on it.

“I thought I wasn’t to be shared, how DARE you let that slime touch me?” I said hysterical

“You will lower your voice” he said menacingly, I wasn’t going to be intimidated. I backed away and then before I knew what was doing I ran away from him, would he chase me? I only had to find out.

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I was wearing stilettoes and before long I tired out and stopped to catch my breath, that was a mistake because Ogochukwu’s firm grasp tightened on my arm as he had caught up with me in a millisecond.

He spun me around and smashed his lips against mine before I could take another breath. In the same second his hand went up my thigh roughly, hiking up the bottom half of my dress and squeezing an ass cheek. I did not want to kiss this man back, I had taken enough disrespect from him but my body wasn’t feeling the same way.

My arms flew around his neck, edging him closer and he deepened the kiss making it softer but still as passionate. He moved us deeper into the dark, not breaking away from my lips and when my back leaned against the side of a car, both hands came up to palm my breasts hard, rough, eager.

He did not break away from my lips still and I didn’t want him to, my laps were exposed now and I unconsciously pushed my pelvis forward to meet his, he groaned in my mouth at the invitation.

His hands went slowly up and down my thighs before he paused at the entrance of my pussy, I could feel the smile on his lips when he realized I was already dripping wet, ready for him, with a fierce tug he pulled the flimsy material free and threw it on the ground.

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I was too high in the clouds to care about that, instinctively I hiked up one of my legs while he dived in with his fingers first.

Groaning again as I dripped all over the fingers, my mouth never broke with his as torrents and torrents of sensations ran through my body at just holding on to him, in no time he had replaced his fingers with his hard member. I almost screamed for joy, his hand came over my mouth to stop me from screaming out loud as he fucked me hard and fast, the dress did not allow for a bra and so it was easier for me to free my breasts from the hold.

I let them run wild as he dug into me, supporting me against the glass of the car with his hands on my bare ass.

The thrill of it was that we were in a dark, parking lot, not at all silent considering that we were close to the generator set. This was very unusual for someone like Ogo because he was quite conventional.

He would never be caught dead fucking in a public place, but we were here – now. My heart throbbed and my pussy clamped down on his hard cock, he put his finger in my mouth and I licked and sucked on it as I came hard.

His groans matching my moans as we couldn’t help ourselves, he was not far behind as he fucked me harder even after I had cum, I wound my legs tighter around him, matching his rhythm, his pace while he kissed every part of my skin he could reach and then his final groan was thick and low, he pulled me off him then worked his cock till he shot out the cum.

I tried to put myself together on shaky legs, staring absentmindedly at my torn panties on the ground.

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“You have to move in with me Ifechi. I will not have this chasing around after you, I am too busy for that” he said as he zipped up.

“Exactly, you ARE too busy Ogo” I said righting myself and sticking my chest out, trying to act brave. Yeah right! I didn’t want him to tire of me yet I said no every time he asked me to live with him. I turned and was about to walk away, he pulled me back so that my back rested against his chest.

His hands came up and squeezed my breasts hard, focusing on my nipples, it was rough, it was aggressive but it was soothing. I closed my eyes to savour the feel of his fingers, his rock-hard body against mine.

“You can’t deny that you want me, I want you all the fucking time” He began, his tongue traced circles on my neck “But I will not chase you forever, my driver will take you home” He said and just like that he let go of me.


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