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Hairstyles inspired by R&B sweetheart, Alicia Keys

It is no surprise that most of the trends of today are derived from those that are being worn by celebrities. They are very influential and through them, fashion designers are able to make bold statements and release the latest trends, whether it is clothes, makeup or in this case, hairstyles. These celebrities include, but are not limited to Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and R&B’s princess, the humble and sweet Alicia Keys. This summer, I was taken aback by how many persons were inspired by the R&B singer’s hairstyles. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular signature Alicia Keys hairstyles, to learn more and for some inspiration continue reading below.

How to do Alicia Keys hairstyles?

I won’t lie to you, I have noticed that Alicia has been very quiet where music is concerned these days. Her silence might be as a result of her being busy cooking up a next Grammy single. Despite not being the centre of attention right now, her sense of style keeps her afloat, relevant and in the mouths of many people, like me. She has managed to influence the masses with her early 2000 hairstyles. As a result, I have decided to write an article about it to give credit where credit is due. Through her hairstyles, I have noticed a lot. The number one thing that stands out among all my observations, is that she loves to experiment and she is not shy about it!

Over the years she has rocked braids, cornrows, finger waves, barrel curls, sleek, short, straight styles, bangs etcetera. If you can think of it or even name it then she has probably worn it. What is even more astonishing is that she looks good in basically everything. Her hairstyles accentuate her face very well and when she is well suited by her stylist, everything falls in place and leaves everyone in awe. Alicia never disappoints.

Alicia Keys braids

Somehow, she manages to add a delicate feel to the hairstyle, even to the ones that may look like it could never be worn off the runway. She has the gift of making complex hairstyles look sleek and easy, especially at an event. Below I have captured a few of the styles worn by her, especially her popular braids. Let us take a look at them.

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Alicia Keys’ hairstyle – cornrows

When it comes to this kind of cornrows, the procedure to achieve it is almost the same a basic type, the only difference is the pattern. If you have read my previous article on Kinky braids hairstyles in Nigeria, then you must be familiar with the concept of how to achieve a cornrow. If you have not read it and you are not versed in how to, then take a look at my article linked below to familiarize yourself with the easy steps. The article is a quick read with even more inspiration.

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How to achieve Alicia Keys hairstyles?

Simple Alicia Key’s cornrows

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Here, Alicia braided only a portion of her hair and left the remainder to flow freely. Such a style is suitable for parties, awards, and even casual events. This kind of hairstyle is very easy to do. You can pack your curly hair this way by braiding 5 thin cornrows on one side (does not matter if it’s on the right or on the left) and draw up your hair with hair clips.

Simple Alicia Keys braid hairstyles

Alicia Keys’ braids

The famous star prefers thin braids and like to decorate them with different shiny things and beads. These styles are not difficult to create and you can ask your friend or stylist to help you out. All you need is time and patience.

Alicia Keys' braids

This young lady’s hair is inspired by Alicia. It was very popular over the summer and is still being worn now! Some people love to accentuate these braids with hair accessories like beads and rings.

Pictures of Alicia Key's hairstyles

Here is a look at the side. See how she went ahead to accessorize it with wooden beads. This current trend was worn by the singer in the early 2000 and made a comeback in 2017.

How to do Alicia Keys hairstyles easily?

Alicia Keys short hairstyles

For those of us who prefer short hair, take a look at these:

Cool Alicia Keys hairstyles

Alicia is has worn some sleek and cool looks that you can copy for work, school or just for fun! Of course, to repeat the short hairstyles of Alicia Keys you first need to visit a hairdresser to make this kind of haircut and then you need a comb and hair spray to attain the sleek-back effect.

Sleek Alicia Keys hairstyles

Back at it again? She continues to stress my favorite word, S-L-E-E-K! Believe me, there is nothing difficult in this, all you need is a short haircut, the photo of Alicia Keys, a comb and hair gel.

Alicia Keys in finger waves

Alicia has been slaying it throughout her music career, especially in these 1920s-inspired finger waves.

Short Alicia Keys hairstyles

Bob-tastic! Is all I can say when I see this photo. She strikes again, schooling us on how it is done. Such a style whispers “Easy does it” for those who like to keep it short and simple.

Alicia Keys Up-Do hairstyles

Buns out! Here is a classy up-do for a classy woman going to a classy event.

Alicia Keys funky hairstyles

Here is the complex hairstyle I was talking about. Something short, curly and a bit spiky, it is not too girly! To create this kind of hairstyle you will again need your best friends: a comb, hair pins and hair spray. You will also need an inspiration. Hope that my post and I have turned you in the right way.

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Alicia Keys side trimmed hairstyles

Alicia Keys short hairstyles

Mohawks are not just for men. To make this kind of hairstyle it is advisable to visit a hairdresser. All you need is to show her the picture you were inspired by.

Mullets are actually a thing, something Alicia managed to pull off.

Alicia Keys side trimmed hairstyles

This year, Alicia Keys inspire girls all over the world to appreciate their natural beauty. She often appears wearing no makeup and styling her natural hair. To create a stylish Alicia Keys natural hairstyle all you need is your natural hair and a piece of Ankara fabric. Voila! Your stylish look is ready.

Alicia Keys natural hairstyles
Alicia Keys simple natural hairstyles

As always, I hope that you have found this article very useful. I hope that you have found a style that has inspired you for whatever event you are planning on attending. If you have taken up the challenge to make these hairstyles yourself then feel free and go ahead to share some photos or leave a comment below, I look forward to seeing them!

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