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How to please God?

Is it possible to please somebody who is highly better than you? How to please God? It’s the question that might be asked by every Christian. No matter where you live, if you truly believe in God, then you will need to know how to please him.

How to please god: Bible verse

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Top 10 Bible verse to please God

10. Learn how to please him

How to please god: Bible verse

You will always need to learn what pleases the most high God of all! He will understand what you really want to learn and will grant you his wisdom.

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9. You must have faith

How to please god: Bible verse

You can’t please God if you don’t have faith. What are we without faith? You will need to find faith inside you as the faith is the only fire of God that will get any dark power from you.

8. Don’t forget about living sacrifice to God

How to please god: Bible verse

How to please God? You will need to dedicate your life to him. Do not forget that God wants this sacrifice only because of you. You will dedicate your life to good deeds, you will understand what it’s like to be a servant of the most highly God.

When you dedicate your life to good deeds, you save your soul from Hades. You save life. You change life people around you. It’s the highest role that can be given to you by God.

7. Please God Bible – please him everywhere

How to please god: Bible verse

We want to please him at our homes and at our temples. What holds out from that desire? There is nothing that can stop you from praying. When we need him, we really start to believe in miracles. Of course, you can ask for forgiveness and ask for his strength whenever you want! It will only help you to please him more! It’s exactly what he needs to hear from you.

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God wants to always be with you. When you pray at your home, he is with you. When you pray anywhere else, he is with you. No matter where you ask for his help, he is always there for you.

6. Get spirit of eternal life

How to please god: Bible verse

If you plan to plant your natural desires to please God, you will get nothing but death. If you want to please God, then you need to develop your spirit. The spiritual wishes will only increase your life and love to God. It’s exactly what you need for your spiritual resurrection. Your god is with you. Do not fall into oblivion.

How to please God? You should follow the ideas of spiritual life. When you are spiritual, you are close to God.

5. You live as the Lord wants

How to please god: Bible verse

You will need to read Bible to understand how God wants you to live. Lord is in your deeds. If you want to follow his path, you need to live as he wants. It’s simple, you just need to follow the path of God. He provided you the whole guide about how you can live and look after his deeds.

Every good Christian must follow the path of God. That’s how you can please him. You just follow the dream which is prepared for you by God.

4. Test your motives

How to please god: Bible verse

He always tests our motives. He wants to know if we are truly what we are or we are just pretenders. Only God will tell if you are worthy of something. Only the highest God is your savior and your mentor. He is light and he is love.

How will you please God? He will test you. He will test your motives and your spirit. You will need to endure these tests. It’s needed to prove that you are worthy of Heaven.

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3. Those who do His will – will live forever!

How to please god: Bible verse

God provides you the path of life. If you do his will, you will receive this life. There is no other choice for people who genuinely believe in the most high God. He produces victors.

You are a protector of the faith, and you will follow this idea. If you support the concept of God, then you will be near him in his Heaven Kingdom.

2. Remember offering to God

How to please god: Bible verse

It does not matter what you offer to God. What really matters is your desire to be close to him and he will appreciate your every effort to do this. If you truly wish to be close to God, your offerings will only please him.

1. Love one another

How to please god: Bible verse

God created you to love and be loved. There is no greatest way to please to God, then love. Remember that you are all people! If you wish to be close to God, you need to love other people in the world. If you do that, you will only become greater both spiritually and mentally.

Your love is actually what your God needs. Without love, there is nothing in the world that can truly help you. Love people around you and God will love you too. It’s the truth of life that you must embrace!

Faith is the very basis that you can use to please the most high God. Faith is the very basis of this religion. This religion is the service of God. It’s almost impossible to believe without faith. Remember and follow this!

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