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Conducive school environment enhances learning — Balogun

Oct 18, 2018
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Experts in education have asserted that a conducive school environment makes pupils happy thereby enhance their learning. According to them, one of the best decisions any parent should take is laying down the right foundation for their children.

That was the positions of Mrs Kemi Balogun and Mrs Linda Adeyemi-Hastrup, the Co-Directors of Hampton Preparatory School, Lekki.

Mrs Balogun with her over 27 years experience in education said the quality of a school’s premises, learning environment and quality of resources are pivotal children academic success.

Balogun who spoke during a press conference to mark the one of Hampton Preparatory School in Nigeria said: “In Hampton, it is sometimes a tug of war to get out children to go home at the end of each day because of the learning environment.

“Our approach to educating the whole child has allowed each child to benefit from a wide range of co-curriculum activities. “They are encouraged to learn two new languages with mandarin and Spanish been compulsory.

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Music and swimming also form an important part of our school life. Every child will learn to play two musical instead part of the curriculum.”

As a seasoned educator, Balogun believes that small class sizes with specialist teachers ensure that every child is dealt with individually. Having studied and taught in the United Kingdom for decades, Balogun vowed to replicate the British school in Nigeria.

She said: “Four key components make up a successful school and we strongly believe all the four embedded within the fiber of our small exclusive school.

“The first is strong learning, the second is effective teaching , the third is a value oriented approach to the delivery of the curriculum and the fourth Centre’s around the quality of a school’s premises, learning environment and quality resources.”

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She explained that effective curriculum delivery has enabled parents to look back at the academic year with a deep sense of satisfaction.

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On effective teaching, she disclosed that the school has amazing team of qualified and specialist teachers ready to bring out the best in each child. “They work in harmony with each other and the team spirit cascades down to the children they teach .


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