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Interesting details of a proper traditional Yoruba wedding, find out why the groom and his friends prostrate (photos)

Tying the knot with the love of your life can be the most amazing feeling ever. Although planning a wedding can be hectic, the joy is felt on the special day when family and friends come together to witness a celebration of love and partnership.

Depending on the tribe of the couple, traditional weddings are usually very interesting. Each tribe has its own peculiarities and until such traditional rites are carried out, the wedding is really of no use. Earlier Legit.ng shared the special details of how a northern wedding is conducted.

From making intentions known to the bride’s family to payment of of dowry known as sadaki, the northern wedding reflects its lovely culture and traditions that must be strictly adhered to for the ultimate blessings to be given to the couple.

Although, there are a few similarities between traditional weddings in every tribe which is wearing a native attire, one will be surprised to know that a lot of things set them apart. While the groom in a Hausa wedding presents gifts to seek the hands of his bride, a Yoruba groom must do so and prostrate (dobale) to beg for his wife to be released.

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Legit.ng present the intricacies of a traditional Yoruba wedding:

1. First of all introduction:

After a man finds a woman he likes and in most cases, courts her, he then makes a move to introduce himself to her family. He goes with his father , elders from his family and friends to do the ‘door knocking’, where they meet with family of the bride and make their intentions known.

On accepting their proposal, the bride’s family then presents them with the Eru Iyawo list. Which is the gift items to be be given to the bride. The gifts are presented on the traditional wedding day and usually includes; tubers of yam, fruits, clothes, boxes and many other things that will be given to the bride’s family.

2. Traditional wedding proper

On the wedding day, the alaga iduro known as the MC is one of the most important people at the ceremony. Not only does she conduct the event, she instructs the bride and groom and leads prayers and music that will thrill the audience and make the event a success.

All her requests concerning marrying the bride must be met as she is the one to officially release the bride to the groom and his family. She often stands as representative of the bride’s family and her position and authority must be respected.

As the ceremony begins, while guests are seated, the groom dances in first and is accompanied by his friends to beg for the hand of his wife in marriage. His pleadings are directed to the family of the bride and in their presence, he prostrates (dobale), a sign that he’s willing and ready to be a responsible husband to the precious jewel that he wants.

3. Party time

After the family accepts the groom and prays for him, the bride is then called upon. She dances with in with groom’s cap, a sign that she holds the crown and will be placing it on her king; symbolising that she’s given him the power to be the best husband to her.

Many prayers points are also released towards heaven for the symbolic happenings to mean good for the couple.

When she locates him, she crowns him with cap and he receives it with open arms as he takes the position as her ‘olowo ori’ meaning money on the head.

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The couple then dance to their seats, announcing that they are now one.

A special letter from the groom to his bride is then read and presented to the bride. It is know as letter ‘ayo’; meaning good news letter.

The couple then proceed to cut their cake and feed each other.

The rest is party galore and at the end of the ceremony, ‘ile oko ya’ meaning; it is time to go to the husband’s house.

And just like that, two become one and the glory is given to God.

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