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Which actress has a birthday today?

It is Oge Okoye`s birthday today! It is the thirty-eighth birthday of one of the most outstanding Nigerian personalities – Oge Okoye. Yes-yes, we are really not afraid of telling Oge Okoye`s age, because without our help you could have thought that she is 24! So, Legit.ng wants to join to the celebration and congratulate the Nigerian star. But first, we want to say some words about Oge Okoye.

Oge Okoye

There are still a lot of discussions on where is Oge Okoye from. She was born in London in 1980. But later her family decided to move back to Lagos. So it means that she grew up in Nigeria and actually this is the country of her origin.

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At school the actress was very active, her friends and teachers noticed her gift in acting and many of them agreed that she was born for the screen. She successfully graduated from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University and got a degree in Theatre Arts. Though her father always wanted her to become a doctor, she was persistent enough to reach her dream – to act.

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Her first on-screen performance was in the film Spanner (in 2002). The role was minor, but anyway, it was the beginning of her career because after the film she began to receive many offers from other directors. The movie that starred Oge Okoye:

  • Blackbery Babes ( 2010)
  • War Game (2006)
  • 11:45… Too Late (2005)
  • Emotional Battle (2005)
  • Every Single Day (2005)
  • Friends & Lovers (2005)
  • The Girl Is Mine (2005)
  • It’s Juliet or No One (2005)
  • The King’s Son (2005)
  • Marry Me (2005)
  • Orange Groove (2005)
  • Paradise to Hell (2005)
  • Shock (2005)
  • To Love and Live Again (2005)
  • Trinity (2005)
  • My Desire (2004)
  • Separate Lives (2004)
  • Spanner 3 (2004)
  • Spanner Goes to Jail (2004)
  • Blood Sister (2003)
  • Forever Yours (2003)
  • Handsome (2003)
  • Magic Love (2003)
  • My Command (2003)
  • Sister Mary (2003)
  • Spanner (2002)

It is not the full list of her films. Oge is the actress, which can portray completely different characters – protagonists and antagonists, decent girls and crazy women.

Oge Okoye

Photo: stars.ng

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In one interview she mentioned Liz Benson, Julia Roberts, Ebube Nwagbo and Olu Jacobs telling that these people influenced her career choice and her life in the whole.

As an actress, she made up a successful career, but recently there were a lot of rumors on the Internet about Oge Okoye and family life of hers. But what we can say for sure, she is a mother of two children – a boy and a girl. Besides, she is a good mother. In one interview she said very inspiring words:

“Maybe being a single mother (or father) was never your goal, but being a better parent is your job. There are times when you wake up early in the morning and feel like a total loser, but for your child, you’re always a super-woman, a super-person they ever know. And you have this super-cape on your back!”

So today Legit.ng congratulates a strong woman and a super mother of two lovely children! We congratulate a great Nigerian actress and wish her creative success, inspiration, career growth and plenty of love in her life!

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