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How to treat catarrh and cough at home? – Best tips

Do you know what the best home remedies for catarrh and cough are? How can you treat these diseases at home using things everyone has at home? You can learn more about it in our article.

Home remedy for catarrh and cough

Home remedy for catarrh and cough

If you think that since winter is left behind, then there is no danger of catching a cold or getting catarrh, you are mistaken. The chances of getting sick in spring or other warm seasons are just as high as it is in winter. So, what can you do if you got these diseases and wanted to treat them at home? First of all, let’s define what they are and then proceed to check how they can be treated at home without having all the trouble of visiting a doctor.

What is catarrh?

Of course, you all know that catarrh is about getting excess mucus in your nasal ways. However, mucus is not as bad as you might think. It serves as a great lubricate which covers the surface in your mouth, nose, sinuses, throat, lungs and other vital body parts. On top of that, it helps prevent diseases and serves as a filter to infections which are about to the enter your body.

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Meanwhile, it also contains essential to your body components which help you prevent viruses from penetrating into your body. However, if you get too much of it in your body, you feel horrible. You can speak properly, as you nasal ways are blocked, and an overall condition is beyond the worst.

So, if you feel that you have excess mucus in your nose, mouth, or other vital parts, then you are probably getting catarrh which should be treated right away before it turns into something far more dangerous than a regular inflammation.

Nevertheless, before we go into details on what home remedies out there, you can use to deal with the catarrh, let’s focus on what you can do to get rid of all the excess mucus.

catarrh and cough

Home remedy for catarrh and cough

The causes of the catarrh

The reason why you get catarrh is the defense reaction of your body whenever some infection penetrates. Not only your body sends signals to the mucous membranes to produce more mucus to prevent the infection, but also it starts swelling and makes you feel like the nose is blocked.

However, sometimes people get catarrh for different reasons. As the researches show, those who for some reasons are allergic to the cigarette smoke or any other thing can get the same symptoms the catarrh has as those who developed it as a preventive measure against some potentially dangerous infections.

The symptoms of catarrh

There are several things which if you feel can mean that you have catarrh. They are:

  • The sore head
  • Blocked nose
  • Excess mucus centered on the back of your throat
  • Absence of smell
  • Cough
  • Weariness

There are more symptoms, but according to a list of complaints an average patient tells his doctor about, these are the most frequent ones.

remedy for catarrh and cough

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Home remedy for catarrh and cough

How to get rid of the excess mucus

To prevent it from going down your chest, you should really focus on getting rid of it right after you find out that there is any mucus in the nose. So, meet several steps which you can do at this stage.

Blow your nose

It might sound like obvious advice, but not all people realize that there is a correct way to do it. If you blow too hard or do both nostrils at the same time, then there is a chance that you might damage the sinus. As a result, that might lead to getting more bacteria into your nose or the openings in it. So, do it gently and one nostril at a time.

Get a nebulizer

No matter whether it sounds like an old trick, you need it, so why not using it? Our grandparents used the steam therapy whenever they felt like are getting sick. Not only it helped them stay healthy but also prevented numerous diseases and boosted the immune system especially when they added special aroma oils to it. It is safe and can not only help you get rid of the mucus but also boost your immune system which is exactly what you need in this situation.

Get more warm tea

In case you have catarrh, you are not allowed to have hot drinks, as they can irritate the mucosal lining. On the contrary, you need to get many warm drinks which can help you loosen the mucus and help you get rid of it.

We highly recommend you getting some herbal teas, warm water with or without lemon and other healthy drinks with lukewarm water. You can brew up tea with hot water but only start drinking it when it gets warm.

catarrh and cough

Home remedy for catarrh and cough

Get a humidifier

You might have never considered getting one since it feels like you already have enough humidity in your nasal ways. But the doctors explain that once you make the air you breathe more humid, you cause the mucus get thinner.

You should conduct your own research on the market, as the variety of the humidifiers out there will astonish you. But opt for something not too expensive and less energy-consuming, as they all perform the same function. So, why paying more?

Eat something different.

The thing is that when we eat certain types of food, we stimulate a more intensive mucus production in our body. So, to prevent this situation, you should focus on eating less of certain food. For instance, you should stay away from dairy, sweets, fish, coffee, eggs, pastry, and all kinds of meat. In one word, just stick with the healthy diet, and you will reach the target for sure!

However, knowing what to avoid or what to do to prevent excess mucus is not enough to fight off a cough and catarrh. So, meet a list of home remedies for catarrh and cough which can help you deal with these health issues in less than no time thanks to the components which help you boost the immune system and kill the infections.

ginger for catarrh and cough

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Home remedy for catarrh and cough

Home remedies for catarrh and cough

There are so many of the ways to fight these conditions off, but we will only focus on the most efficient ones. So, if it is something you need, then grab a pen, and start making notes on how to change the situation right now.

Ginger tea

This thing can really do some magic. The thing is that it can help you recover faster than regularly. When you have warm ginger tea, the catarrh gets cured at a better pace than normally. Besides, it is packed with all types of healthy components which can help you boost the immune system and stimulate the proper function of your body. However, one must be very careful about the ginger, as when taken in excess amounts, it can burn the lining membranes. So, take it in moderation and enjoy the great results.

Salt water gargle

Gargle is old as the earth, but its popularity owes it to its magic effect it might have on one’s body. When used as a home remedy for catarrh, it can help the person recover much sooner.

For it, one needs some warm water, get less than a teaspoon of salt, soda or turmeric. We promise that in just a little bit of time you will feel significantly better.

garlic for catarrh and cough

Home remedy for catarrh and cough


You all know how perfect garlic is for fighting off the infections. However, not all of you know that it can also help you with curing the catarrh or a cough. We are not talking about adding cloves of garlic to your food, even though you should do it too. But what we mean here is that you can try making tea out of it. It might sound odd, but it works.

All one needs for this home remedy is a couple of cloves of garlic which were crushed with a particular knife before brewing. Once this is done, they must be boiled with a couple of cups of water and simmered for quarter and hour.

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You might not enjoy its taste, so to make it better add some honey which is also an excellent remedy for the catarrh and cough. Once everything is done, drink it when it is warm. Another option for you here is adding some lemon to your tea. But it depends on your preferences.

Chicken bouillon

For reasons not known to us, chicken bouillon with or without anything else in it can cure those with catarrh. Not only doctors recommend getting it when some flu or cold happens but also when diseases like catarrh take place.

The whole history of when people discovered the great properties of the chicken soup roots back to at least eight centuries ago when Jews found out that it can help people recover faster. Since that time it got into a common practice to recommend patients drinking chicken bouillon to get better.

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Not only it is the warm liquid which makes it outstanding, but also thanks to the vegetables in it is packed with great properties including antioxidant ones. It helps your body get rid of all the unhealthy particles which hinder your immune system.

lemon for catarrh and cough

Home remedy for catarrh and cough

Lemon and honey

Most of us had our mothers make this mixture for us and using it as a home remedy whenever she heard us coughing. There is nothing better than honey and lemon for situations like this. That is why we recommend you getting some of them cut and mixed in a jar. Whenever you feel like you have caught a cold, get some warm water, and add this thing in it to drink as tea. You will see how in less than no time, you will feel significantly better. The proportion which will make the mixture the most efficient is that of using half of a lemon with a couple of spoons of real honey. Enjoy the taste and use!

Carrot juice

Okay, we realize how surprising this one might sound. But the thing is that the carrot juice is a great source of useful components like vitamins and minerals which can help the immune system recover and fight off the infection. So, get a few middle sized carrots which were grown at home, and squeeze the juice out of them. This fresh juice should be consumed after a few minutes once it was squeezed out for a better effect, as with every minute the vitamins decrease in number. Remember this great home remedy for a cough and move on to the next on if you want more options.

milk for catarrh and cough

Home remedy for catarrh and cough

Milk and turmeric

Not only you need these two things for a better health condition on a regular basis, but also they are extremely helpful when it comes to fighting off a cough and catarrh. You should warm up the milk and mix several spoons of turmeric into the cup for a better effect. Do not drink it too hot as it might hurt the lining of your throat, but when consumed warm it has the greatest effect you might want for your health. So why paying much money for the treatment if you have all the remedies you need at home?

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Catarrh and cough happen so often that treating them at home is a great idea which will save you much time and money. So, save our tips and use them the next time you have troubles. However, we really hope that you stay healthy and happy!

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