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Siasia looks beyond Argentina

United Roland: 2011-06-02 13:30

Yes,Boys,go & destroy the Ethiopians as you guyz have done to the Argentines,we are solidly behind you...Up Super Eagles.

Toluwase: 2011-06-02 13:30

I wish you good luck guys.

Billion: 2011-06-02 13:31

Siasia knows the match against argentina is not a true test cos' Nigeria paraded her best against Argentina's team B. Good for our prestige that we won, but I won't celebrate until after the match against Ethiopia returns positive.

Billion Original

United Roland: 2011-06-02 13:33

Yes,Boys,go & destroy the Ethiopians as you guyz have done to the Argentines,we are solidly behind you...Up Super Eagles.

Marvel: 2011-06-02 13:39

@Billion, I dont mean to insinuate anything, however, I believe you wont even celebrate should the Eagles beat Ethiopia.

ata nja: 2011-06-02 13:42

@ Billion your celebration is not needed, please hold it, you never gave it to Eagles against Argentina so just hold it there. Well done boys, Argentina is Argentina second string or no second string, records have it that we have beaten Argentine National team. Good luck.

Pepe: 2011-06-02 13:46

@ billion you have spoken well, once the job is completed on sunday then lest celebrate right

Dr Kola: 2011-06-02 13:49

Welldone the management and the players, you did us proud and we are solidly behind you all the way to win AFCON come January 12!


Toluwase: 2011-06-02 13:52

All other top African teams like Cameroon, Ghana, Egypt e.t.c will definitely have a sleepless night now, but there is nothing they can do about it.
Watch out for Siasia boys in the next Nations cup. By then Siasia would have completed at least 50% of his rehabilitation process. God bless my beloved country.

fillinx: 2011-06-02 13:56

Congrats boys,u made us proud ...still another assignment to carryout,so i wish u all ,all the best
fly higher the eagles

parkheaven: 2011-06-02 13:56

For those saying that argentina paraded their B team, let me tell you that nigeria paraded their C team, you cannot compare the type of clubs this argentina player play with that of nigerian player, we have players of, valencia, sevilla, man. City, villareal, sunderland, benfica, porto in that argentina team while nigeria paraded players like ambrose efe, chibuzor okonkwo, joel obi, peter utaka, emmanuel emenike, fengor, victor anichebe, ahmed musa, these players are yet to play up to 5 games for nigeria we are still trying to introduce them to S.E so you can't call them team A, the boys did well, that is not the real challege but then it's good step in the right direction. Many trophies are coming.

Gucci Man: 2011-06-02 13:58

Siasia is walking the right direction in rebuilding the Super Eagels.
I always enjoy watching any African team, when they kick a$$ to any countries that is outside our continent.

However Nigeria don't need to be carried away by last night victory against 2nd stream of Argentina, it's a long journey to build a national team.
African coaches need to develop our youngsters and nature them properly. We need to have more best players in this continent like it was before dominating European leagues....e.g Rachidi Yekini,Anthony Yeboah ,Kalusha Bwalya,Lucas Radebe,Daniel Amokachi, Mark Fish, Sunday Oliseh,Kanu, Dr Khumalo,Abedi Pele, Babangida the list is endless

Bobo2: 2011-06-02 14:02

To me, the eagles deafeted argentina whether they b team or y team. Nobody recognised it when the so called team b walloped paraguy 4-2. Also it would have been a disaster 4 nigerian futball had the argentines won the match which i'm happy never happened. Moreso, the so called big boys in world futball should learn to respect africa whenever they are playing any friendlies. I think with the walloping of the argentines, nigeria has send a message loud and clear on behalf of africa 4 whoever cares to listen that africa should be accorded the needed respect in world futbol.

Amata : 2011-06-02 14:08

This win is a big boost and tonic for the Eagles' battered confidence. Never has a team been derided and ridiculed by its own fans and enemies as the team since Angola 2010.
Never do wells are always very quick to see the shortcomings of others. Our sporting press are the most mediocre in the world. They are the ones misleading fans against the team.
It amazes me when a see Nigerian support a trophyless ****nal and yet think very little of his own national team. Believe it or not the players are human, when you write them off they will not be able to give their best. England did to the three lions what some of us are doing against our team. It did not pay them. Check the records, they last won the world cup in 1966.
I have only one national team. They represent me. I owe them my unflinching support. I am committed to cheering them win or loose.
I am extremely proud of SE. Join this chariot!

Boa: 2011-06-02 14:10

Even if the SE beat a world best 11, negative people like B will still have a reason to post undermining comments against our team. No wonder they say a leopard never changes spots.
Must run in the family.

bj: 2011-06-02 14:18

Parkhaven got it right

Its not about been sentimental. this team will beat ethiopia. we have a coach now that can take risk and try. can u ever imagine this kind of team a year ago. this team runs - 90 mins. they pass well and they get into spaces and they play forward. i pray they will play england soon - may be that will convince doubters. this team even if they loose play with a heart. did u see mikel running after lost *****. its the concept - we have it now and i hope nff will not kill their drive.

no be una fault: 2011-06-02 14:29

I wonder why some people are busy re-branding d Arges as team B while failing to recognize that d SE is also team B, @Gucci Man, i know you very well and will like to ask you how many of our players "i mean SE" players that featured on last night friendly that were among the squad in d WC 2010? if you will be more objective in your response then you will see that d SE team yesterday was a team C on a REHABILITATION PROCESS

Then again compare the two teams players and where they ply their thread in Europe and see which one of them are more sophisticated the Argentine players plays for super clubs like R.M, Benfica, Mancity, Sevilla, valencia, villareal and Portuguese trible champion Porto.

meanwhile the buck of our player are in Turkey, Norway, denmark and some relegated team in Europe so i cant see were it is right to start to discredit this humiliation handed over to d Argentine team

And if you wanna talk about the WC in SA with the full compliment of Argentina players a controversial lone goal was scored against a then SE team that was lacking in every aspect of football tactics, Remember Fifa came out publicly and condemn the officials about that lone goal the scored.

no be una fault: 2011-06-02 14:34

@Billion, if you like create more usernames to support your myopic comments i dont give a hood about that but i can assure you that you will continue to eat humble pie as long as Siasia is in charge of the SE and that is the fact, Period!!!

Mega: 2011-06-02 14:41

Look at this rabid retard. Had it been we lost this match,he would have been the 1st to crucify Siasia. EVIL ONE!! U WILL BE SHAMED !! U WILL PERISH IN YOUR EVIL DEEDS

OkonHouseBoy: 2011-06-02 15:17

they played against Argentine Under-25 team B. congrats anyways

ken gadaffi: 2011-06-02 15:19

Good talk siasia. I can see u are learning to hande things as they come. I for one was not suprised we won. I was certain we wouldnt lose ajd the worst would be a draw. My only surprise was the scoreline at which we won. My fear before the game was for us not to be massacred due to the level of preparation the boys had before the match. THANK GOD we won and all glory to him.

Yes. Much as the boys put a good performance and siasia's selection and substitution was spot on, l still believe we were fortunate and l pray the good fortune remains with the team. MANY who are calling head because i said we were lucky to beat argentina and we will need luck to win ethiopia may be new to following the super eagles.

We won our first nations cup in 1980 and didnt win until 1994. For this 14years we had great teams and played great football but luck was agaianst us especially when we played cameroon in 1988 and algiers 1990. We were so good in 2000 but mother luck deserted us in the finals right in lagos again to cameroon. Since 2000 till date the super eagles have experienced a great transistion and we have had a good bunch of players and seemingly good coaches yet we fail to shine.

Now to this argentina match. Why l am happy luck shone on us was that.
First, Batista named his squad for copa america on the eve of the nigerian match with only two players. This certainly affected the morale of the players as they now had nothing to play for.

Secondly, Ike's first goal cake early on to calm the nerves and their was a great deal of fortune in it. The penalty won by anichebe may not be awarded by another referee so when things are going for you then your have to count your luck.

Thus we must be cautious in our submission that the eagles have landed. Siasia himself knows that the super eagles is still work in progress. We can only help him by pointing out possible weakneses.

Much as i think the eagles played well yesterday l am still not comfortable with their slow build up. There were few counter attacks one of which led to the third goal. They should guide against complacency when in lead. siasia has not really had much time with the team hence we cannot say he has fully impacted his tactics and techniques however his aura has so far injected a new mentality on the team.

In any case, the battle of addis ababa is one which we cannot afford to drop points. I hope the team would have rested well today and the next two days can be used to map our a winning formular. GOODLUCK NIGERIA.


tee: 2011-06-02 15:33

Ken gadaffi, continue with your ****itical skills and keep wishing silently for bad result for siasia. But guess what? you will keep watching and wishing for a long time. This a new regime and new results will be trooping in. We supported ss's appointment and we knew i can do it. C'MON SIA SIA AND SUPER EAGLES, UP NAIJA

The word.: 2011-06-02 15:37

@Amata, you so right and your comment was so perfect.keep it up.

@Billion..even if SE win FIFA ALL STARS, your likes will still find something to say negatively.. Ken Gadafi has repented and the rest.i still want to believe you are amodu or someone that so much benefited from his useless tenure as a SE coach.

goziefigo: 2011-06-02 15:46

What are we saying? Ghana drew with a team B from England and they nearly went on a week jubilation, so does it really matter if we beat a team b of Argentina. as far as i know, no African country has ever beaten any former world champions in such a humiliating manner. So my fellow Nigerians we have every course to celebrate. Ethiopia or no Ethiopia we have shown Africa the way again.*** UP SE***

Shijo: 2011-06-02 15:47

This is the reason, why Siasia gets my support. He is realistic in his assessment. He knows that this victory can prove to be a banana peel, if not handled well.

Ethiopia is the real deal, and he has said, he hasn't lost focus on that. Having said that, they need to realise that Ethiopia is not the same as Argentina. Expect a more physical game. Yes, the SE beat them 4-0 last time, but don't expect them give in just like that.

@Billion, all in this forum knows that even if this SE team wins the world cup, you will still not celebrate, as the only thing in your head will be: "Amodu would also have won it"

@Ken Gadaffi, the Ethiopians just contracted a coach last week for Sunday's match, and the coach has called up local boys for the match. In short, it doesn't look like they have much of a chance of winning the match, abi? Their preparation for this match is not very high, but if SE wins, it is not hard work, or preparation by Siasia and the team but "luck" abi? hmmm, anyway, the rest of us are keeping FAITH with Siasia

jeff: 2011-06-02 16:15

What has 'Luck' got to do with beating a team 4--1???
Guess some people must have watched the game on their playstation. Jeez, some biased forumites always find some reason to discredit a victory.
@Tee u said it all bro,Amazing how everytime the current eagles win matches,some N.B.A folks[Nothing but Amodu] just arrive in time to paralyze logic with their witty and infatuated comments.*smh*

Felix Ekuase : 2011-06-02 16:20

It is a good that the eagles are not complacent. Argentina's victory is good, ethiopia's victory is better.

Osama: 2011-06-02 16:24

Some people can never celebrate good thing, no matter how it comes. had it been we lost against Argentina they will say we lose against the so-called team B. Now that we have won the game common guys lets just celebrate before the next game. Remember we beat France Team A in their own backyard!

Up Eagles..!

Felix Ekuase : 2011-06-02 16:27

It's a good thing that siasia and his boyz are not complacent, Argentina's win is good, Ethiopia's win is better.

Ephy: 2011-06-02 16:47

Am really glad Ike Uche is getting back to his former self, the likes of Joel, Emenike, Ehiosu, Osaze(repentant & reformed) and the array of young players at our disposal all that would have been blended b4 next Nations Cup...I for see Nigeria Lifting the Next Edition of the Africa Nations Cup...However, what I still see we need urgently is a Solid Rock Central Defender and rugged defenders the likes of 'The Gentle Giant', Chidi Nwanu and Ben Iroha.

Ephy: 2011-06-02 16:47

Am really glad Ike Uche is getting back to his former self, the likes of Joel, Emenike, Ehiosu, Osaze(repentant & reformed) and the array of young players at our disposal all that would have been blended b4 next Nations Cup...I for see Nigeria Lifting the Next Edition of the Africa Nations Cup...However, what I still see we need urgently is a Solid Rock Central Defender and rugged defenders the likes of 'The Gentle Giant', Chidi Nwanu and Ben Iroha.

ken gadaffi: 2011-06-02 16:48

@ TEE Siasia is not the first coach and will not be the last to coach Nigeria. The SUPER EAGLES will always remain so no Nigerian will have hatred for a coach that is doing his job for the glory of the Nigerian SUper Eagles. The earlier you get that into your head the better.

@The word, I am a faithful supporter of the SUPER EAGLES so by extension, I support any coach that handles the team. My experience in the game makes me know that A coach is just as good as the players he has in his disposal and as such a good coach today can be a bad coach tommorow and vice versa.

@shijo, dont get me wrong like others are doing. Take it or leave it no matter how hard a team prepares and work, they need that dint of luck to get things right. Had siasia lost to Argentina, i am sure most of you will make the excuse that the team didn't prepare enough because they came to camp less than 48 hours before the game.

It seems most of you have forgotten he WAFU cup so suddenly, Siasia had less than 24 hours to work with the team and they strolled to the finals only to lose to TOGO after coming from 2-0 down to level scores. The way most people are taking it is as if Siasia is a magician, I certainly wont bulge to that. He is a good coach and like many good coaches, he needs luck.

I use to call it Divine Grace, but for the sake of football, i want to limit it to Good fortune or better still luck. We need all the luck we can to scale thru the Ethiopian hurdle. Not that they are so good but when things wanna go bad for you, even the weakest of teams will beat you. remember France defense of the world cup they won in 1998.


Billion: 2011-06-02 16:49

It's annoying when people pour venoms on wise comments they don't understand. It could be annoying!! Mourinho refused to celebrate the winning of the Italian league last year cos' he felt there's still a better one to celebrate - the winning of the Champion League final. He got the result and the celebration was eruptive!! Nigerians should learn and be wise, lets celebrate after the mauling of Ethiopia.

Billion Original

Billion: 2011-06-02 16:52

...and for those who have called me names for making sincere comments - God bless all of u!!

Tartan: 2011-06-02 17:06

Go Billion.......after the Ethopia game is won am very sure you will still not celebrate...'cause this is not ur god

Tartan: 2011-06-02 17:08

God will bless u too Billions and all the other forumites.........UP NAIJA.......NAIJA4LIFE!!!!!!!!!

luise-hero: 2011-06-02 17:12

Billion: 2011-06-02 13:31 [ Report ] hemmm Billion you talk too much learn to hold your peace remember their are millions of people who saw this victory as a thanks-giving why do you decided to be an outsider instead of insider you always feel you out-burst the trueth and some of ur follower @ken gadaffi: thumb up hand for you ,,but my dear look between the line cant you see your original and fake is so irritative you feel u are a classical type of person no no no dudu you are gradually loosing your little inteletualism and you need a sacologist please learn from guys like@no be una fault probably it may help ur low metal understanding

Akoko1: 2011-06-02 17:28

Batista under fire over Nigeria football drubbing
Posted: 2011-06-02

Argentine Football Association (AFA) president Julio Grondona has accused coach Sergio Batista of jeopardising the reputation of the national side, following the 4-1 friendly loss to Nigeria.

The humbling defeat in Abuja on Wednesday arrived just a month before the start of the Copa America (July 1-24), which Argentina will host.

"These matches aren't for making money, they're friendly matches that Batista asked for," Grondona told Argentine radio station Radio Mitre.

"You can't mess around like that with the prestige of the national side."

Grondona expressed his discontent with Batista, who had selected a squad shorn of stars and largely composed of inexperienced players for the trip to west Africa.

"It will be different in the future," warned Grondona.

"You can't play against a team like Nigeria, who fielded their best players, with a team that is not up to scratch."

For his part, Batista had claimed that "these outings are useful, whatever the result, because it allows you to see the players of the future".

Two-time world champions Argentina, who reached the quarter-finals at last year's World Cup in South Africa, face Poland in another friendly in Warsaw on Sunday

Akoko1: 2011-06-02 17:31

People will say they did not take the match seriously. the coach is under fly. Go Eagles keep showing the world you made of

Damadbaba: 2011-06-02 17:40

Dey knew d match against d Argentines isn't a big match.d match against d Ethiopian wil show d seriousnes of d team.FLY IF U CAN

nobesmallthingooooo: 2011-06-02 17:51

I am so happy for the boys and Sia 1 and the boys have to work more harder against Ethiopia..we need that 3 point more

Olatunbosun: 2011-06-02 17:54

@billion and by extension kengadaffi has attention deficit syndrome. FA president in Argentina blasted Batista for the dent he laid on their national pride yet some haters had no joy for our national pride that is intact simply because its Siaone that is in charge. I wish i have spare time over the week end to copy some of the comment of these people during amodu era and pre sisis era. They supported amodu in every move but now even when eagles are scoring great goals, all they see before and after every march is fear and fear. Wher was the faith of then!

What we celebrate is not only the victories in this new eagles but the vigour, the tenacity, the drive etc these are the things that when they reflect even in our persinal life, we are sure that no matter what hope is on the way.

Super eagles and sia one, we celebrate that you play well and score good goal

God bless 9igeria

nobesmallthingooooo: 2011-06-02 18:01

we need to beat Ethiopia like 3:0,so shall it be

nobesmallthingooooo: 2011-06-02 18:02

we need to beat Ethiopia like 3:0,so shall it be

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